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The Best General Contractors in Washington DC

Are you in need of a general contractor in Washington? Worry no more, as JMS Installations LLC offers some of the best general contractors in the area. Our contractors are best known for offering millwork, trim, door and window installations, kitchen and bathroom improvements, demolition, plumbing, electrical, ...
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Safe & Efficient Demolition Services

Our experienced team of demolition experts is trained in safely demolishing, reclaiming, and dismantling a wide range of stone walls and brickwork. Don’t be a dummy and begin dangerous work yourself; a lone sledgehammer typically won’t do the trick. Hire our professional demolition contractors today to ensure you ...
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Full Residential & Commercial Renovations

Renovations are a big part of our business. That’s why we offer renovation and remodeling services for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team can take care of the entire process, from demolition to renovation, including painting, millwork, door and window fitting, and much more. We ...
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